This is the second part in a series regarding making passive income online and today I wanted to discuss the possibility of making passive income with a blog. This is a little bit of a debated topic because a blog is usually a constant work in progress.In this manner it is not completely passive income because it does require continuous work. But if you scroll the internet for streams of passive income, blogging is one you will come across time and time again. In my opinion, blogging is partially passive income. Bloggers that have been around and established for a long time and are generating significant income from their blogs make a large portion of that income off of old posts sitting in their archives written and done long ago.

ProBlogger mentions in this article this same fact that a large part of his income is being generated by posts he has not written or thought about in months or years. In this way, blogging can be viewed as passive. This is in many ways the same as we discussed in the previous post regarding articles that you can write for certain sites that can continue to generate income. There are several differences that make a blog not completely passive income and Darren points them out in his article. One main difference with a blog is that usually in order to maintain search engine rankings a blog needs to be continually updated so the idea of writing a bunch of articles on a blog and then moving on to other forms of generating income is not really feasible. The blog would probably continue to make money for a while but the amount of money it is generating would slowly go down over time.

Chris from makes some good points in his article “Is Blogging Passive Income?” and explains that blogging is often considered passive income because by monetizing your blog “you earn while you sleep”. There are ways you can make your blog posts more likely to earn passive income and one of them as points out is to make your posts “evergreen” or timeless. He gives some examples as to what types of posts would not interested readers several months down the road while others would be click worthy several years down the road.

So while blogging may be listed on many sites as an option for generating passive income, read up on the facts and set real expectations as to how much work will be put in to a blog and how much of your income will be passive. On the other hand, if you noticed the three articles I quoted from above were all at least a couple of years old. Setting up and establishing a blog with a large readership will take a lot of work but the right types of articles will continue to get you visitors and income long after the post is written.

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