Hey Ya'll Here is week two for all of you! :) Week 1 went wonderful for us here excited to get week 2 going! So Im posting it so late in the afternoon. Today was a crazy day at work and then had to do the afternoon routine of picking up little man from the bus So before returning to my wife & mom duties I figured I would Post our Week 2 Challange! :)

Nutrition:-- Pick one meal a day to make more nutritous. I think this is a ownderful ida and definately achieveable! If you want to go big and make a big change in the meals for your family I would say go with change in changing dinner but I think to start slow  go with breakfest or Lunch. Breakfast or Lunch would be easier to start with and then build up to making all 3 meals, 4 if you include snacks, and 5 if you include desserts.
     I think for me Im goign to start with making changes in Breakfest. I think it will be easier to start and fit into my busy schedule until I get more comfortable with choosing healthier foods and making meal plans.

Health--Learn what everyones BMI is!
     BMI stands for body Mass Index if any one didnt know that! It doesn't only use your weight it takes in account your height as well which will let you know if your at a healthy weight, you and your kids. You can find BMI calculators anywhere... google BMI calculatior or see it in your App Store-- I used the BMI calculator from parents.com/adult-BMI to calculate mine! My BMI is 24.89. The "healthy zone" for a 5'4" women is 18-25 BMI.

Fitness: Committ atleast 5 minutes a day to Physical Activity a Day!!
     5 minutes- THATS IT 5 MINUTES!! ~~ JUST 5!! ~ I think this is so simple for EVERYONE to do! I persnoally try to committ atleast 30 minutes a day for physical activity. Most afternoons for us are spent outside doing something so I think this will be a easy goal for all of us here to reach.

     * Are you all committing to atleast 5 minutes a day Physical Activity?

Happiness: Set a Strict Bedtime!
     I dont know about you, but all of us here in this household need our sleep!! Now we arent the type to sleep till 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday ( well I would if I could c:) but usually we are early risers. However if we dont get enough sleel - Look out World-
     This I think definately will help with happiness before bed and after bed. Before bed about 30 or an hour, whichever is better for you. Do your favorite of these 3 things or switch them all up. Read, Draw/Color, or write all 3 of these activites are very relaxing and also helpful in realiezing emotions and/ or having some personal quiet time and enjoy a good book. All 3of these things would make anyone happy! the second reason sitting a strict bedtime and getting enough rest is important and can lead to a healthier life is because everyone that rests well and gets enough sleep feels well rested when they awke and that leads to a good attitude which will start your day off right and in a good mood!


      ~~~~ Good Luck to all of you on week 2 let us know what you are doing to succeed each week and how your family is adjusting to the Healthier, Happier, and a more Active lifestyle!!


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Apr. 15, 2011 at 9:57 AM

Good Luck!!

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