Happy Thursday Dear Readers....Well here we are almost the weekend upon us...No parties this weekend which kind of sucks really......I sure need the business but it is the start to spring break.  Not that we will be able to do much since my mom has her surgery on Wednesday.  We will be in B'ham till she is released from the hospital.  The kids are staying with my mother in law while we are down there.  So they will at least have some fun.  Great news is my mother in law and future father in law bought a new riding mower today.  We got to bring the old one home.  Once my husband fixes it we will be able to mow our yard with it.  Now I know that sounds weird but I have nearly TWO acres and a push mower.  Due to my husbands bad health it is I who has pushed mowed it for the last 7 years.  I recruited my 12 year old to help me for the last two years but bless his ever loving heart he just DOESN'T get the hang of it.  He mows in crazy eights and tic tac toe patterns.  So this is a grand day in the Bryant household.  I might for one ENJOY summer rather than pray for a draught so that my grass won't grow.  Thanks to Global Warming and All.  Of course my grass mowing addicted neighbor will be happy.  This guy really has NO life.  I am sure he gets out there with a ruler and if it is over a 1/4 inch he feels he must mow it.  Well we have this unspoken agreement that he mows half way and we mow the other half.  As the summer progresses he mows his every other day and we MIGHT mow ours once a month.  So he will be just a happy as my 12 year old.  Of course this is also great because I need to focus on my sex toy business :))) No time for mowing grass....Ok dear readers I am off for the tonight...God Bless....if you are intrested in selling sex toys, hosting a party or buying check out my website at www.brownbagparty.com/rara or call me at 256-735-3942







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