I write what ever little thing comes to my mind. Not really sure what is, poem maybe.

Anyway here's two the I found while spring cleaning.

A word. A single word. A single word can change a moment. A single word can change a meaning. A single word can change a life. One single word is all it takes to change a moment, a meaning a life..... "Love" "forever" "baby"  " cancer" "lifetime" "family"  All it takes is one single word!

Barbie dolls and Hot Wheels toys of my childhood that have drifted away. Children's rhymes and silly songs remind me of times that have long since past. My childhood is now nothing but memories. My days now filled dirt diapers and toy covered floors. I sind and tell rhymes. I teach and I clean. Little giggles and sweet little grins make my heart swell with love again and again. Though nights of very little sleep leave my body aching to sleep but I know that a nap is getting closer by the minute and then I can snooze for a moment or two. Even those days that have me ready to scream I just look my little guys faces, take a deep and start all over again.

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