My oldest daughter made me promise to add her input about my "social imprinting" post from yesterday, to my post for today. I have to warn you, she's a real kick, all of my kids are.  After reading the piece, she immediately texted me:

"Well said Mom!   But you forgot to mention you let ME play with Ninja Turtles!  And, except for the nasty habit I have of occasionally needing to dress entirely in green and work out my TURTLE ENVY through kinky role play, I'm pretty balanced!"

Yeeessss, that's my girl.  My second daughter, grown and now a mother, agreed with me also.  She's not familiar with CafĂ© Moms and added her hope that I wouldn't get in trouble for being so strongly opinionated.  Thank you Beautiful, but I've been opinionated all my life.  I'm used to risking making a fool of myself.  Strongly opinionated. Yes.  I am. My 16 year old daughter read the article about Jenna and Son and Dr. Ablow too.  She went on a "wandering rant" about the good doctor for quite a while.  She didn't think much of his comments either.  Even after she settled down, she still grumbled randomly throughout the evening.  However, she felt I was bashing men with what I wrote.  Not so Dear One.  I feel bad for them.  It makes me very sad to see fine young boys being emotionally chopped up and blocked up to fit a mold. Someone else was quoted as saying, "It doesn't seem to bother people as much when a girl wants to do any activity that is generally regarded as a male."  This wasn't always the case.  You don't know this Dear Daughter, but in a world before the one you know, women couldn't even vote.  It took a lot of strongly opinionated people to affect that change.  Our society as a whole seems to have matured a lot since those days, at least where girls are concerned.  Not so much for boys.  We're still fighting that battle.  I still feel too many little boys get a really bad wrap.

 Now for the GOODNESS OF THE DAY - we like to look for goodness! We were touched by the story out of Japan of volunteer, Etsumi Ogino, who, along with three other volunteers, risked radiation contamination to rescue a pack of shelties left behind by their owner in radiation threatened Minami Soma City.  The dogs were found at the train station where they waited - STILL - for the return of their master.  All in all, 20 dogs were brought out to shelter, care and safety.  Sadly, some animals were frightened and ran off.  The team of volunteers is planning a return trip to bring the other dogs out - and I'm sure any other living being in need of a helping hand!

Another bit of heartwarming goodness - again out of Japan, a man noticed a young porpoise, only 4 foot long, struggling in the shallow water of a flooded rice field.  Apparently, people weren't the only ones displaced by the tsunami.  He waded out into the field to rescue this little guy as well.  Yeah, you compassionate, brave hearted souls!!!  We applaud you and thank you for making our day better with the stories of your humanity and bravery!!!!

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