PATTON TWP, CENTRE COUNTY-Nicholas McConnell has this to say about the dog that attacked him, “it’s a mean dog,” he said.  Monday the ten-year-old  was attacked by a Labrador retriever and would later undergo surgery for four hours, getting more than 220 stitches.

"We're not sure whether he'll gain full use of his arm or his leg again because where the dog had bit he had cut some nerves in," his mother, April McConnell said.

 The family lives a few houses down from the owners of the Labrador Retriever. Nicholas was playing with a friend near there.After the dog attacked him it was a friend who carried him home, that for Nicholas’ mom is particularly upsetting. She says her son already suffers from several other medical conditions, "he has a defibrillator in his chest, very close to where the dog bit him, that's connected to his brain, he has epilepsy and if that dog would have caught hold of that wire and ripped it out of his brain he would have died instantly...and nobody over there cares, they let their eight-year-old bring him home, he went back to cooking on the grill after it happened," she said.

The owners did not want to go on camera, but say it is uncharacteristic for their dog.

Police cited Leonard Korman of Patton Township for harboring a dangerous dog, confinement and housing of dog, not having required vaccinations and a dog license.

The owners say if needed they will put the dog down. The McConnell’s plan to take the owners to court for their medical bills.


I posted this because I have seen posts about this breed is mean and that breed is meaner so I just wanted to show that ANY breed can hurt people. I love almost a dogs and yes I am a pitt lover.

Bash If you must (I'm sure alot will) but the point isn't to start a fight with any one but to show that any thing can happen with any pet and any child. Please be careful as the weather gets warmer and the kids are outside more and more.

On a more personal note I think the owner of this pet (and any animal that hurts a person) should be fined more and get jail time JMI

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Apr. 15, 2011 at 8:03 AM

I know what you're saying... I've seen some mean ass cocker spaniels and chihuahuas... any of them can be mean.

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Apr. 15, 2011 at 8:50 AM The people who claim this breed and that breed are mean/meaner know jack. Labs are actually responsible for majority of bites. But unfortunately pits and other bully breeds are what makes the news perpetuating the fear that all of those dogs are vicious. If the animal has teeth it can bite, that's something I've taught my kids and step kids.

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