Growing up, my siblings and I always got together with our paternal cousins to eat Easter lunch and hunt eggs afterwards.  The men in the family, (my dad and two uncles) will slip off to a little oak scrub hill near our house and hide the eggs after lunch.  Then my mom and aunts will take us kids to find the eggs.  There were 16 of us, from toddlers to teen agers.

     One Easter, my brother, Wayne, who was about 14, sniched the "nest egg" out of the chicken nest and dyed it and sneaked out and put it in one of the little scrub oaks.  He stood a few feet from the tree and when my cousin, Kathy, who was about the same age as he was got under the tree, he yelled, "I see an egg!"  She looked up where he was looking, gave the tree a little shake, and the egg toppled out; right on top of her head!  Oh, my goodness!  What a stinking mess!  She started crying, and her mom had to take her home to get a bath and change her clothes.

     Wayne died at age 45, and I don't think Kathy had ever forgiven him.

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Apr. 15, 2011 at 2:03 PM

Oh no! What a joker!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great Easter! I'm sorry Wayne isn't here to share it! I bet he'd still be playing pranks!

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