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So I have been away from CM for awhile.Nothing exciting going on around here.Still remodeling the kitchen.I can't wait for the day it is done.But the hubby does taxes..I am not happy about the extra day added on.I am tired of his clients.That may sound mean but to many people wait until the last minute. gggrr

 My kids seem to hardly ever have school any more.I can't believe it is almost summer vacation time.This summer in June they both have birthdays, my son will be 16 and my daughter will be 15.They are almost grown up. :( I think it goes by faster for the parents. lol 

 My son cooked dinner for the first time for us last night.Well it was those Tony's pizza rolls or what ever they are called. I had never had them before and I didn't like them but it was still great to have some one else make dinner! Tonight my daughter wants to make dinner. Hhhmm...All 4 of us played Jenga and watched the movie Megaminds.I had a friend on Facebook say that they showed that movie in her daughter's 3rd grade class but she didn' t think it was child appropiate.It put me to sleep.It is shocking though - some of the movies they show elementary school kids these days. My biggest shock when my kids were in Ele. school was when my daughter was in the first gade and my son in the second my daughter came up to me and just blurts out "I can't have sex with Sean or we will have deformed kids." I was like WHAT and why do you know that?She said because my teacher told me.Crazy...I don't miss having kids in elementary school, so that much at least is good no matter how depressed that the fact that they are almost grown up makes me.In high school it doesn't seem to me that the teachers push the envelope as far any more.Back in the ele. days I found myself over the school alot pointing out exactly who the MOM was.

 Tomorrow is prom.Neither one of my kids are going but they get out of school early today. Ugh, they had a full day of school Monday, Tuesday they had off, a full day of school on Wednesday and Thursday off.Last week was spring break.They had 2 days off from school the week before Spring break.Yeah...I am not kidding when I say they hardly ever have school any more.It is crazy...I think there is only a month left of school to.

 But now every one is off to school and work and I am here alone left to do laundry and house cleaning.What fun awaits me! LOL Also of course gotta do the work out.The hubby decided that he is to fat, I have no comment.But he decided that he is now on a diet.So guess who else is on a diet?? I pointed out to him last night that pizza wasn't a diet kind of a food..he said we'll start tomorrow.Hhhmm can I give up my frito's? We will see, I am addicted to them! :)

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Apr. 15, 2011 at 2:02 PM

Good to see you here! :-) Hope you all have fun tonight! Yay on someone else making matter what it is! LOL! Enjoy!!

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