I am so sick of my man thinking he can come home from work and lie in bed the rest of the day away from our whole family, not doing a damn thing, then bitch because I want to sit on the couch and watch tv after the kids go to bed. I sit out here and take care of these kids while he lies in bed. I do everything in the house and take care of everyone and everything(we have 3 dogs and a cat) while 26 weeks pregnant with our third baby. Usually he is the best man ever and I couldn't ask for more, but lately, he seems to think he doesn'thave to be any part of the family. He bitches at me because we don't have sex every single day. I'M PREGNANT!!! I just don;t get what I'm supposed to do. Am I just supposed to cater to his every desire like some slutty maid or something? I think not. I feel taken advantage of and all he does when I bring it up is bitch about it saying it's all my fault! Help me girls, please, someone help!

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Apr. 16, 2011 at 2:19 AM

I'm sorry. I think you have to have a serious discussion with him, right? I mean you've got to tell him what you are thinking and how you are feeling..and let him know what you want to change. Good Luck!

congratulationson your Pregnancy!

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Apr. 16, 2011 at 2:21 PM

Does he have a strange schedule, or is something wrong with him? I can see wanting to rest after work (honestly, I would like to rest after putting dinner on the table!), but if he gets home from a regular job say 6pm and kids are in bed say 8, that's a lot of rest.

Is he unhappy? Possibly depressed? Sick or lethargic? Does he need to see a doctor? The fact that there is a recent change means something is wrong with him. Maybe he is worried about money and the anxiety is making him sick and tired? Or maybe he is staying in the room because he's mad at you for not appreciating him or some other silly thing?

You're going to have to talk to him, and I can't imagine it will be fun. Somehow, you will want to bring it up without sounding like an accusation, so he won't get defensive. BUT of course if you say "oh you poor thing, what on earth is wrong?" then all you will hear is what you are doing wrong, and you know it's not all you, not by half.

Good luck! I hope you can get this sorted soon. You're just going to get tireder and more sore and need more help, and then you want him sorted out and behaving well when the baby is born because one person can NOT watch all 3 kids with one newborn nursing/ making bottles, plus trying to get them down for naps plus jealousy plus recovery from birth (I know what I'm talking about- I have 3 myself- now 2, 4 and 6!)

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