While both employees and employers may be tempted to avoid dealing with the complexities of tax and labor laws by paying nannies and other household employees "under the table", there are risks to the practice, including potential civil and criminal penalties to both parties. 

Paying the nanny tax literally provides benefits for families and the employee. Legal employment enables the nanny to accrue social security/medicare benefits for the future, qualify for unemployment and receive certain tax credits. Families may qualify for key tax breaks, and avoid a red flag to a tax auditor who sees a dual income household with no childcare expenses.  The only real downside to legally employing & insuring nannies is the time and hassle involved..that's where we come in.

 As part of the nation's largest legal employer of nannies, our scale and experience allow us to effectively and efficiently take on the responsibility of legally employing your nanny. We ensure our nannies are legal to work; we cover their workers' compensation & liability insurance, process payroll forms, withhold taxes and contribute to unemployment insurance -- all of which allows you to enjoy a key benefit of working with College Nannies & Tutors: time and peace of mind!  

Click here to learn more about legally employing your nannies (such as why they can't be on your company payroll or 1099'd).

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