I wrote this because after the emotional turmoil that has come from 20/20 episode on April 8, 2011, where the abuse in IFB churches was exposed.  I attended an IFB church/school for 13 years and one of the women on 20/20 has been one of my best friends since we entered kindergarten in 1985. 

Have you ever scanned your every thought to see if they harbored sin? 

 "Lord, forgive me my thoughts..."

How many different ways have you been silenced?  When did you stop keeping track?

Be quiet.


Children should be seen and not heard.

Learn your place.

Just a child.

Just a girl.

Not your business.

Let the men take care of it.

  "Dear Lord, forgive me my outspoken nature..."

Did you learn how depression is a sin? So is anger. Are you bitter?

  "Dear Lord, forgive my emotions..."

Have you ever felt the need to keep your eyes lowered to the ground? Toe the line, play your part and never stray.

  "Dear Lord, please help me stay on your path..."

Worthless sinner.  Prideful. You are nothing.

  "Dear Lord, keep me humble..."

Have you ever been asked to kneel on the ground?  Does your skirt touch the ground?

  "Forgive me, my Lord, my inappropriate dress..."

Did you ever have to figure out how to honor your parents when they lead such "sinful lives"?

  "Dear Lord, help me to separate myself from my family..."

Did you know that there is blood on your hands?  From every soul you dared to meet but failed to bring to Christ.  Can you live with the guilt?

  "Forgive me O Lord, for not sharing your word as much as I should..."

Did your mother sign the permission slip to be paddled? Don't feel betrayed; it's for your own good.

  "Dear Lord, forgive my willfulness..."

Do you not pray enough or long enough? Are you not reverent enough? Humble?

  "Dear Lord, forgive my prayers..."

Are you doing everything possible to make it to church as much as you can?  Do you participate as much as you can? Are you sure you are a member?

  "Dear Lord, forgive me for not finding a ride..."

Are you subservient; submissive?  Do you bend to the wills of "Godly" men?

  "Forgive me, Lord, my independent streak..."

Do you read your Bible every day?  For how long?  Did you remember to meditate and pray?  Did you use King James?

  "O Lord, forgive me my absent-mindedness..."

There is no such thing as ADD; it is sin, laziness, inattention due to willful pride.

  "Forgive me, Lord, for being distracted..."

Have you managed to separate yourself from the world?

  "Forgive me my sin; my rebellious nature..."

Are you pleasant and happy? Or do you hold cynicism in your heart?

  "Dear Lord, please help me change my personality..."

O Little One,

Did you learn your lessons well?

Did you never question why?

Have you kept the secrets well?

Has it been killing you inside?

Are you a good little soldier?

A quiet little lamb?

"Dear Lord, please, help, forgive me..."

It's been a long time since then.

Are you still broken, child?

Don't forget the first lesson you learned:

"Never tell a lie."

No longer must you keep your jaw wired shut.

It's time to speak the truth.

"Lord, give me strength and courage needed

 to rise up in my own defense."

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Apr. 15, 2011 at 1:03 PM

Wow That's deep....

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Apr. 15, 2011 at 2:04 PM

Just watched the video. That is so sad what women and children have gone through and still go through in these churches. How can they claim Godly love while they are physically and emotional abuse. She was right to call these cults and not churches. For the pastor of these churches to degrade women and basically say they are inferior and must obey thier husbands, that is just wrong. Then telling the members to beat there children, if they don't see bruises then they aren't doing it good enough.. that is terrible. I mean I do beleive in spanking your children to discipline them, but certainly not abuse-striking them 100 times.. Men, women, and children are being brain washed in these churches

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May. 25, 2011 at 9:25 AM


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May. 25, 2011 at 9:26 AM

Praying for Tina Anderson as the trial continues. 

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May. 27, 2011 at 4:45 PM

Ernest Willis found guilty!!!


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