So this past year has been a difficult one. I have said goodbye to my BFF meaning she treated me wrong and i will not be having that. My mother and i's relationship went down the crapper and some other people followed. This has made it possible for me to make better friends. Alot of them are on CM. I love this site. The other on is my NEW BFF but honestly she has always been there for me in the long run and i was blinded by others. i have learned that judging will get you NOWHERE and if your friends judge you then they are not your friends. That is That!! i wasn't a huge judger to begin with but now with all the crap around me i now know that i completely try to look at other reasons before jumping the gun and judging. Some things and people in this world aren't worth my time or stress. I am a friend til the end and will do anything for my very best of friends. I love all my new friends and glad i had room for you in my life :)


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Apr. 16, 2011 at 8:13 AM

So true :) Glad everything is working out for you!

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