Question: Are you a late night snacker?


YES, hungry every night

NO, I just go to bed.

If I am stressed

If I am bored

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OMG!  I feel like I could scream.  I am on bed rest, light activity until Monday.  I am always moving, multi tasking and teaching multiple group exercise classes 6 days a week.  This is torture.  I don't feel good if I get up, but I feel horrible laying around.  The computer has gotten more attention that it has in my lifetime. 

I have always been an active person and this is just difficult.  I cannot imagine not working out, and staying busy.  Yes, it is what I have dedicated my career too and my role modeling of healthy eating, but this is some kind of a sick joke.  I have been dreaming of running just so I can pretend that I am moving.  :)

My food choices have been healthy.  They have not been too adventurous considering that I am not active. 

Last night I couldn't sleep because, well because I have not done ANYTHING!  I did decide that it would be a good idea to eat a sandwich about midnight.  Not sure how I even got hungry!

12:30 am Light Bread w/Light Mayo and Boar's Head Tavern ham, Decaf Coffee, 2 cups water

7:30 am Turkey D-Light Sandwich with cheese removed.  I do not eat dairy often and I never eat cheese., 2 cups water

 10:30 am 3 egg whites, 2 oz flank steak w/ mushrooms, onions, peppers and light bread toasted with Smucker's sugar free jelly, 3 cups water

1:00 pm Light toasted bread w/light mayo, pickles & 6 oz packet of Albacore White Tuna, 1 cup coffee, 2 cups water

3:30 pm Sugar Free Fudge Bar, 3 cups water

6:00 pm Lemon Tuna w/ light mayo and pickles on Light toasted bread, 3 cups water

8:50 pm 3 egg whites, 2 oz flank steak w/ mushrooms, peppers and onions  and 100 calorie whole wehat enghlish muffin w/sugar free Smuckers Cherry jelly, 3 cups water

Today, I could not get enough water.  I just want to drink, drink, drink with this bronchitus and sinus infection. 

It has been so hard to be laying around, but I want to feel better on Monday so I can be back for my 4:45 am spinning class.  I want to exercise so bad because I feel my mood changing to "Watch OUT, mommy needs a workout!: 

Ava has been kicking like crazy while I have been on bed rest so I feel blessed to have had this week to just feel my body and focus on my pregnancy.  Being a multi-tasker and person always on the go has kept me from just stopping to feel the kicking.  I just rubbed my belly and talked to my sweetie about how much she is loved.  I am getting excited to meet my third little lady

NIghty night Mamas!



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