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people assume if your kid is sick it's because of you not having a natural life style....

there was illness before man made crap was around- you know

I just get frustrated when people online find out my son has severe asthma (lung collapsing, milestone delaying, growth flatlining, the doctors were sure it was cystic fibrosis severe asthma from infancy) and immediately start telling me to do all the things we already do because they are sure that then he won't have asthma (or at least not severe asthma) if I just do..... what we already do.... grr....

I totally get the wanting to help and shit like that, but this assumption that someone can't have a real serious disease that isn't a result of modern chemicals bothers me. There were illnesses before man had vaccines and all the crap in the food and etc... Chiropractors can help, but when Tris' lung collapsed even he said steriods are necessary.

Do I think there's a link.... obviously or I wouldn't do what I do, do I think my family's asthma is CAUSED by these things, no- I think it's genetic. I'm sure his asthma would be much worst (or even fatal already) if it weren't for all the hundreds of things we do alternative to help him....

Anyways, just frustrating sometimes constantly having to defend myself and say no, we already do that. not to debate but.... we do that and he still has asthma. I totally get the want to say do this and it'll help- I don't mind that- what I mind is the insinuations that it isn't something that serious, it's only serious because of the unnatural crap. I'm sorry, but sometimes it really is that serious even after you do everything natural you can think of to help.

anyways, vent over

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