If you were only here,

you could


ride me now,

straddle me and

bring your sweet cunt

down to my eager mouth,

your lips meeting my lips, and

feel my flickering tongue,

tracing the edges of

your divine vulva's

cobra hood,


as I rake

my fingers down

your chest, your sides,

and lap you hard, feeling

your clit sliding up and down

my nose, pressed tightly

against my flesh

as I drink


your juices

into my soul,

my fingers stroking

your naked thighs as

they squeeze my head,

threatening to pop

my brain clean

out of its




as I devour

your clit, running

my lips over it, teasing it,

tugging it, sliding my lips

back and forth over it,

nibbling it while

my searching




your tits,

my fingers tracing

circles around your oh

so hard nipples as I take your

throbbing clit firmly in my

hot mouth, tugging it

like a great white



as you

scream out

in ecstasy, grabbing

my head, clutching it against

your hitherto lonely cunt, while I wrap

my arms around your thighs,

pull your precious cunt

tightly over my




you ride my

nose, your wet walls

surrounding my face as

you buck up and down like

a bull-riding cowgirl, my tongue

lashing you like a demon's,

my hands on your

ass as I pull




inside my flesh, my

thirst never quenched

as you cry out and come,

drowning me in your juices,

and then we stay there

just listening to

the soft



two souls

momentarily lost

in each other in what

should be forever, then I

feel you quiver, hear you moan,

as your hands reach down

to my head, asking

for another



If you were only here,

you could ride

me now

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