TGIF dear readers....I am so excited today dear readers.  One it is Friday, Two it is the start of spring break which means no gettting up at the butt crack of dawn to get kids to school plus I know this will sound crazy but I LOVE MY KIDS BEING HOME.  I know every one assumes I am insane but I promise...well actually I am insane.  So that covers that comment.  Third I got a new booking.  I get so excited when I get someone to book with me.  :))))  It is still storming here in Alabama.  Tornandos everywhere but we are blessed that they are not here in our county so far.  I am however worried about my fellow NASCAR fans...there is so many people in campers and tents at Talledega and nowhere to go so I am praying for them to be safe.  So one of my ladies I sponsered got her kit today.  She will be starting to sell soon.  We are gonna start up a Alabama based group for Brown Bag Party consultants.  Good grief dear husband has fallen asleep at his computer and is snoring so loud I CAN'T THINK.  How he sleeps in such a postion I will never know.  Ooooppps I guess he read my mind he just woke up...nope he is back asleep....sometimes dear readers I would smother him with a pillow if I thought the judge I would have wouldn't be a fellow snorer.  If you are out there in North Alabama and would like to book a party or if you are anywhere and want to sell Brown Bag Party products please check out my website or give me a call at 256-735-3942... My name is Rachel...







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