Let me introduce myself... I am a manager at a fast food restaurant.... and dang it.... some customers just tick me off!!!

This is the customer that ANNOYS the HECK out of EVERY fast food MANAGER.... even though we have to smile politely.... and pretend otherwise.... Don't be this customer....

The one who pulls up to the screen in Drive Thru.... not having a CLUE what they want.... PLEASE... the Menu... HAS NOT CHANGED... you KNOW what we serve.... Honestly... if you are going to take more then 30 SECONDS to order... COME INSIDE....

ALSO the one who feels the need to place a $30-$40 order at Drive Thru... You would be suprised at how common that is... it is not as if we don't appreciate the business... WE DO... but orders of that nature should be inside.

If you order more then 10 sandwiches.... plan on pulling ahead... even if they are on the dollar menu... because the person behind you only ordered a drink.... and we are only allowed to make 3 burgers/chicken/whatevers at a time...

WHY.... because from the time your car hits that piece of raised pavement right at the screen.... WE ARE ON A TIMER... we have TWO MINUTES THIRTY SECONDS to take your order, bag your order, take your money, give you your bag, and drink and have you pull off the OTHER TIMER located outside our DT window... Which means carefully putting your CHANGE AWAY at the window and having that CELL PHONE conversation... should be done when you are OUT OF THE DRIVE THRU LANE....

So... when you are waiting 10 mins in my DT... now you know why.... some of our customers don't understand that you have only 30 mins for YOUR lunch break and need to get back to work as they take 3 or 4 mins to order... have to count exact change out at the window, while talking on their cell phones. Some people don't understand that DT can only be FAST when people are courteous enough to not spend all the time ordering, counting change, TRYING TO ADD FOOD AT THE DT WINDOW, changing a condiment AT THE WINDOW, ASK FOR A FRESH COOK AT THE WINDOW.... ECT....


Because I NEVER AGAIN want to be the Manager who has to write up their ENTIRE crew because the drive thru time was at 3 mins... getting call from Dist or Regional Managers... that DON'T CARE that all we had for 2 hours were customers like the ones I listed....

Don't get me wrong... WE WANT YOUR MONEY.... YOU PAY MY SALARY VERY NICELY.... it's just that as a consumer.... it's not just about YOU... it's about all the customers around you.... so why do YOU have the right to make people late, make them wait???

One more thing...

If you are STUPID enough to come up to MY DRIVE THRU with your INFANT in YOUR LAP, or COME UP to MY DRIVE THRU DRUNK.... be prepared to pull up.... because I ABSOLUTELY WILL AND DO CALL THE POLICE.... 4 arrests and 6 tickets

Feel free to pass it on!!!

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Apr. 15, 2011 at 8:36 PM

Sorry with four kids to feed and not enough hands to watch them I will be placing that $30-40 order in the drive thru rather than going inside. HOWEVER I will be courteous enough to pull up and park if I need to. No point in making the other people wait. Also if I am going to be nice and wait 15 minutes for my drive thru order to be delivered, please make sure you make the order correctly. You've had 15 minutes to do so.

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Apr. 15, 2011 at 8:53 PM

Really... then your rare... because people do not like to be pulled ahead... even with that huge order... and even when told it will be 10 mins... will get ticked.... at the person bringing their food out... and then ask for extra ketchup... or extra napkins... having them run back in .... sometimes more then once....

Incidently, it is generally NOT mom's or dad's in the car with kids making those orders... it is a single person driving the car.

As for you, out of the 500-600 cars I put through my DT everyday... a good 30 get pulled... you would be one of the 5 customers who do not literally SWEAR, grab the bag out of your hand, or flip you off... work out the percentages of the one's who do.

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Apr. 15, 2011 at 10:57 PM

AMEN! i hated working fast food!!! i once had a man pull up and get food while his gf or watever was giving him a blow job? yeah the things u see at night!

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Apr. 16, 2011 at 7:37 PM

I worked fast food for twenty years and I saw it all its all good because these people are our bread and butter. On and gone is what we were taught.

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Apr. 16, 2011 at 10:02 PM

I've got 22yrs... and agree... that is what we were taught... and people USED to be polite. In the last 10 years, we have become somehow... less then human beings... being the whipping post for whatever went wrong in that customer's life... and THAT... that for some reason became acceptable. In the last 5 years.. what has become totally unacceptable... is being told to F-off, or having a customer swear at you for a few minutes. Mom's with little kids in the car, men old enough to be grandfathers... it's become UNBELIEVABLE... and let me further say... I have worked both up North and down South... and the South... USED to be polite, used to teach their children manners.... but now... when it comes to respect... the North wins... hands down!!

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