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Now that I've been home awhile and all my numbers are looking good.  My feet don't get as puffy as they were and I'm feeling really well.  I've been able to shower, even standing up for a few minutes, I am able to stand up and move about during my "work outs".  I had my first doctor's visit since being hospitalized.  The home health nurse felt that it might be feasible, with everything looking so good to put me on a nebulizer rather than so much oxygen now that it's back up and that way I could be even more mobile.

So, okay saw the doctor, spoke with the home health nurse before that and what all this could have been was a major flare up...or started out as that and just kept getting worse.  So, take my medications, follow doctor's orders, eat healthy, no more salt, more fruits, more grains, heartier breads and hard cheeses, found out almond spread is even tastier than peanut butter and has less sodium than no salt peanut butter...even found very low in sodium chips that I can have on occasion, can't sit and eat an entire bag of them in one sitting but I can partake, besides my body needs a bit of the potassium to keep the cramps at bay with the lasix water pills I take...talk about flooding the toilet! But my blood pressure hasn't been this low in 30 years at least...and my pulse oxygen is up to 96 I'm hoping to keep it all looking that good.

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Apr. 15, 2011 at 9:48 PM

Good luck with everything!hugs

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