....but Ive been having an issue for quite some time, for as long as I can remember. Ive tried looking it up on google and only got forums of other women with the same problem, but never any answers on how to stop it. Ive talked to 2 OBGYN's and they barely even cared at all. No one seems to think that its a problem. My problem is my vagina get to wet, not like a good amount of wetness, it happens ALL the time, it doesnt smell, there isnt any color to it, im just wet all the time.I'll even wake up in the night laying on my stomach and I will be dripping on the bed. I'll have to change my underwear a couple times a day because they will get wet. My husband doesnt see t as a problem, in fact he LOVES it. I dont though, it makes it so I cant feel everything during sex, theres no friction for me at all. After every time we have sex theres always a puddle under me. its really annoying. If theres any OBGYN, or other women who have this issue, please give me some advice!

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