So to say on the 28th of Feb. i did not sleep period the whole night of the 27th i played on FB then around 5:40am i started getting real sharp pains down there and in my back and lower belly i wrote it off as BH because they didn't hurt to bad. They kept coming and going and by 6:00am i was in tons of pain every 5 to 6 mins so i tryed to call hubby home he works 3rd shift and most times doesn't get in till round 7 or 8 am. Well i called and called turns out his phone was dead and the pains just kept getting closer together and hurting more and more to where they put me to my knees so here i am trying to get 2 kids ready for school and in pain i called hubby over 20 times nothing i had to get online and find his work number as i couldnt find it here at home by 7:00am i couldnt move got lucky and hubby pulled in drive way i was soooooooooo P.O at him he stood outside talking to his buddy who brought him home i had to scream bloody murder to get him inside he just stood there looking at me like i was stupid and asked "WHAT'' so i had to scream "I'M IN LABOR U DUMB A**!!!!!''
And he came running had to call 911 cuz our car blew up 2 wks ago go figure Crazy had to wait for life squide they got here in 10 mins rushed me out but yet sat in my drive way for another 10mins and this woman tryed to put an IV in my arm 3 times i was getting pissed badly as contractions where getting beyound dealable i was screaming in pain to get me to the hospital then this woman trys to get my pants off me and i have to ask "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING GET ME TO THE DAMN HOSPITAL'' and she says" I HAVE TO SEE IF BABY IS CROWNING'' omg i screamed my water hasn't broke and i'll tell you when she is now get off your ass and get me to the hospital.
So after all that they leave my drive way it took about 20 mins to get to hospital as you can tell i wasn't very happy an contractions went from 6 mins apart to 3 mins apart when they got me to L&D and into a room i had 5 nurses all over me two pullin my cloths off me putting a gown on and then me screaming every 2 mins from pain then being stuck 14 times b4 they got an IV line in me was hurting to. Then being checked i was 9 cms and i started screaming for the pain meds and this one nurse was being a bit*h to me tellin me i didnt have time i had to go without anything i told her get me something and get it now or i'ma rip somebody a new ass. well i got a drug by IV let me tell you it wasnt worth it didnt do anything for me so i screamed i wanted the epi since my water hadn't broke i could welllllll the doctor made me wait for blood test and gbs tests to come back thank god it took 10 mins for them to get back.... the nurse kept being BIG witch tellin me no i couldnt have it LMAO my doctor came in and asked if i could sit still long enough to get it i screamed yes and in they came to do it i was sooooooo Big smile . Well i ended up faling asleep while the guy did my epi yeah i know weird but heck i hadnt had any sleep at all so i was tired. after i got it the doctor broke my water at 9am the epi only numbed so much i could still feel my toes i was all loopy and cracking jokes with each contraction my doctor said i never lost my since of humer. by 9:15am i was pushing things just wasnt going as planned the baby just wasnt moving down i started to panick it was just me and two of my closes friends my hubby couldnt be there cuz our familys are asses and we had no babysitter. the doc had me stop pushing and put me on my side well this mean ass nurse just was a bitch no joke she was pushing me one way then another way on the bed and just kept being rude. i told my friend heather i was about to knock that nurse out. well i rested to see if baby would move down by 11am i was pushing again still nothing by 11:30am they was talkin c-section i really freaked then my doctor said he would try the vaccum to help so i pushed cracked jokes in between contractions it was hard as i was feeling some of the pain but @12:06pm Feb 28th 2011 Isabella Breann come into the world screaming. Laughing out loud i had a hard labor i ended up taring but got lucky no sticts. She is a happy,healthy little girl. We stayed in the hospital for 2 days and for the time we was there hubby only got to see baby girl by cell phone pictures that was it. he attacked me when we got home well really he by passed me and took Isabella and carseat from me he was amazed by her it was cute.

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