I feel like that. I feel responsible partly for our families strife. Well, the debt part, I am partly responsible. We have an enormous mountain of debt from student loans, my husbands truck driving school and various bills. My husband feels that he can't go over the road because our son is so small and has a hard time when he's gone. He has 3 months experience, but thats not alot. In turn, its hard for him to get a job and he's been off work since january and we've been barely surviving on our Tax return. Well, that has completely run out and we're going to lose our apartment in a few weeks. 

We live in Indiana (where his parents live), but I'm from Pennsylvania where my entire family is. The option that fell on the table is moving back to PA (for the umpteenth time) and living with my grandfather, mother and brother (my grandmother passed away 7 months ago - I was raised by my grandparents). Then my husband would get a nice paying job, pay off his trucker loan, our various student loans and other debts and I would stay at home, take care of the animals (4 ankle biters, two big doggies and 3 or 4 cats and a duck) , clean, cook, and do laundry to earn our keep. we would also buy food every so often as well and run errands and whatnot. 

My husband, understandably, feels like shit, I feel like shit and the shit is just falling on us creating one big shit pile. 

We have made some bad decisions - there's no denying it. I feel like we're alone in that so many bad decisions have been made. I know that we're not, but I just hope everything comes through for us in the end. We ultimately want to move to Texas. It's cheaper to live, its warm, and everyone loves Texas. In a few years when our son is older, my husband plans to go back on the road and take our son with him so he won't have to be away from him. That is the hardest part of trucking for him, being away from our son. We do have plans, we're not trying to be lazy fucks - although it looks that way. I can already feel how people are going to look down upon us, but I just have to be strong and confident. 

I have a lot of things to keep me busy including getting more active (I'm Super Obese) and losing weight (Theres a GREAT gym in PA where we're going to live) and unschooling my son.

Along with being in super debt, having to move back home, yes I'm going to unschool my son. It's one more thing people will look down on us for, but we just have to stay strong and get through these hard times. 

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Apr. 16, 2011 at 8:06 AM

Shit happens and then things get better. Ya'll be fine, trust me :)

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Apr. 16, 2011 at 7:27 PM

Hard times don't last but hard people do. GL Momma

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