tsk tsk I wish some times that I would keep quite. I have an old van I am wanting to sell. I asked new DH to help me . He put an add on craigslist. He took time to take pictures of the van and even put what the mileage is and all the good stuff about it. He uses speaker phone in the house. Well he was on the phone and had the van sold . The guy was coming over to look at it and pay Cash. Well I only heard part of the conversation and I butted in . The guy hung up on DH . Little to say I should of stayed out of it. I had told DH to handle it and then I put in my 2cents worth and blew the whole deal. My DH was not happy. He just asked me if I wanted him to sell the van or did I want to do it. I told him I was sorry and I wanted him to do it. So now I have learned my lesson big time about my mouth . It cost me $2,500 . But I know that we have an on time God. I am just thankful for having a second chance to be married again.

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