Well I haven't posted in a while mostly due to the fact that I've been really busy planning this wedding, taking the girls to therpy and taking one of my sons to the doctor several times!!  The wedding is planned for May 7th and everything has came in. The only thing left now is the cake which we are going to keep that simple! My kids took the announcement very well in fact they said it was about time. The girls are excited because they are going to be flower girls at the wedding. The only downer is that my oldest SD is not going to be here because she is in Germany but I'm thinking about setting up a web camera so she can be there that way!!

The girls are still in therpy and it's going no where. New issues pop up after each visit with their mom and the therpist says just breath that she can't do anything until the girls feel comfortable enough with her to open up but I don't know how much self control we can have much longer. The oldest girl came home this last time to locking her bedroom door knowing she can't do that because of her sister having seisures and they share a room and when asked why she was doing that now she said because her stepdad does it. Talked more and she said he goes into her room while mommie is sleeping to help her get dressed and he locks the door when he goes in. that what he does is good touch cause he's helping her dress. This child is almost 9 and been dressing herself since she was 3 come on it doesn't take a scientist to figure out something isn't right! But the therpist wants us to wait till she open up to her and let her call the proper people!!! AHHHHHH

My kids are doing good finally getting a head on a couple of them's shoulders. My 2 oldest called me a couple of weeks ago asking for help with getting their life together and me being the mom I am I ran. My 21 year old BB needed medical attention and his father was doing nothing to help him even though he lives with him and he doesn't let the boy work. BB had a sisk the size of a plum on the back of his right ear that was very painful. When it got to the point he couldn't stand it anymore he called and asked for help. I went and got him, had a few words for his dad and took him to the doctor. The doctor said it was on the verge of busting on the inside and getting into his system and could have caused death from the infection if not treated, he lanced it and sent it off came back he has a skin disorder that causes sisk and some could turn out to be cancerous if he doesn't have them checked and removed asap , the same disorder my father had. 2 weeks later  one came up on the other ear so we got it taken care of too. He has 1 more outpatient surgery to do and I pray he never gets anymore again but I know he will the rest of his life. My oldest has asked me to help him get into Job Corp and so we have started that process. He is going in to get his High School Diploma and take a collage certification for Auto mech, for Big and small block engines. He will be in for no less then 2 years no more then 4. I am so proud of him that he has finally reliazed that mom was right and dad is full of it. You have to have a education to make it in this world...

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