But maybe it was the focus that was wrong. Instead of "Easter" this year you might want to consider celebrating
"Resurrection Sunday". That would change everything really. You can take the holiday and use it for a way to
share your faith with others. I have a few different ideas to help you make some changes this year

You might want to start by visiting my Margie's Resurrection Sunday Page.

There is also a page for you to learn about some alternatives to the "Traditional" Celebrating of Easter by other
Christians on Margie's How to Celebrate Easter Page
. You can find out about the history of the holiday along
with the symbols and their meanings. Please make your own personal "Family Tradition" for this Easter Season.
Wish others a Resurrection Sunday
this year. Share your faith and the Word of God with others.
Remember that "We Serve a RISEN Savior!!!!!!

In the past I have gotten some pretty nasty email because I had bunnies and eggs on my Easter Kids Page. So I
decided to be a little "proactive" this year and did change the graphics BUT I also wrote a new page about this.

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