"Jelly Beans & Carrots" Page
~An Easter Idea for Sunday School by Denise Edwards~

Red is for the blood He shed.
When we see white, we see His light.
Yellow is radiance, our bright and shining Son.
Purple is for kings; Jesus is the One.
We see life in the color green.
Black is for sin only Jesus can clean.

A great thing to do is make cellophane carrots and place the jelly beans
inside, typing out the poem on hang tags and placing them on the carrots.

You will need:
orange cellophane (or any spring colors will do)
green Easter grass
scotch tape
rubber bands
poem typed out on hang tags
string  (a golden thread works well)

Take 6 1/2 by 6 1/2 pieces of orange cellophane rolling them up from
one corner to another making a point and elongating it until it is
"carrot shape".  Tape with clear scotch tape along the side.  Fill with
jellybeans but leave a little room for the "carrot top".  Take a clump
(about the size of a golf ball) of green Easter grass and place in the
open end with most of it hanging out.  Take a rubber band and secure the
grass into place.   Garnish with several strands of raffia tied in a bow
around the rubber band leaving several pieces hanging down.  Tie the poem
on the carrot with string.  These are great to put in Easter baskets or
to give to someone as a witness tool.

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