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Scenic Adventures awaits your arrival as we travel to Massachusetts this week. Tour the Chatham Lighthouse near Cape Cod. Visit Quincy Market and the Freedom Trail in Boston. Hang out with the Witches of Salelm. And throw a few Hoops inside the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield. Oh and don't forget to get some Ice Cream at Friendly's..YUM!!  Go to a Tag Sale. And then head to Sturbridge Village and ride on the Stage Coach.


Do you remember these cartoons? Do you still watch cartoons? Do and your kids watch them together?  If so than your a Fan of Cartoons and we'd like to invite you to come join us and share your favorites.




These are just a few of the many cartoons we loved as a kid, and still love today. So come and hang out with us at Fans of Cartoons.


What is the Capital of Massachussetts? Who was the First President of the United States? How many states border Oregon? 

These are just a sample of the many Trivia Questions you'll be asked at Trivia Insanity.  Our group members play on Teams (Silver and Purple) Questions that are posted each day helps your team to Victory at the end of each month. The winning Team receives a special Prize Siggy.  If this sounds like fun then come Apply to the group today, we are always looking for new players to stump.. :)


Are you a Stones fan? Beatles Fan? Journey or Reo Speedwagon? How about Metallica? Guns and Roses? Kiss? Simon and Garfunkel?

If you said "Yes" than your a fan of Classic Rock!!  Come join us at the Classic Rock Mommas group and enjoy the sounds of the past with us.


Is your housework being neglected? Food burning on the stove because your at the computer? Standing in line at the grocery store playing a game or adding a post on your Smartphone? Husband in bed waiting, but your busy chatting with another Mom?

Well, if you said yes to any or all of these questions, then you must be ADDICTED to Cafemom..

And we have a great group of ladies who are just that, so come join us at Addicted to Cafemom today and start ignoring your family.. (just kidding-Kiddos come first)



The links to each of these fun and exciting groups are at the top of this journal post.  Oh and by the way..Everyone of these are Drama Free!

Thank you and we hope you enjoyed today's Newsletter of great groups here at Cafemom.



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