Question: Do you feel beautiful pregnant? Did you feel beautiful pregnant?




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Bed rest has been so hard this last week.  The bed rest is due a horrible sinus infection and bronchitis.  The baby is fine, but with temp and intense coughing the rest was to restrict activity.  I have been consumed by the Internet and television.  I am a mover and not sitter so it has been exhausting to try and keep myself on this couch.  I am finally feeling better, but while I have been sitting here reading other Mama's posts it has become quite clear that many woman do NOT feel sexy when they are pregnant.  Wahoo!  I AM NOT ALONE!

I normally maintain about 9% body fat with clean eating and regular exercise about six days a week.  This is extremely low body fat, but I maintain a cycle and it seems to be doable with my 1700-2000 calorie diet when I am not pregnant. Although I have only gained about 10 lbs, I feel like I have gained 500 lbs when walking around with my little Ava Rae tagging along.  I am more than happy to have here along for the ride, but it does not mean that it is comfortable.

I am just not that glowing, vibrant pregnant woman.  Fat accumulates on my hips, back and yet butt!  Most gain in their belly when pregnant, but I gain the most from my hips down.  I would love to simply feel sexy and just show off the beautiful belly, but with every pregnancy, I have felt miserable and uncomfortable.

So I thought I would compile just a few reasons that I do not feel sexy while I am pregnant!

10.  I feel bloated all the time.  I think if someone came up to me and poked me with a pin, then the sound of a whoopee cushion will last for about 10 min with amount of bloatedness this body feels! 

9.  The smells at work are so horrific!  As a personal trainer and group exercise instructor, I am around sweaty people all day, including myself.  I just flat out stink after my classes.  I walk around thinking to myself how bad my stinch is!  :)

8.  Nausea and vomiting.  Good time to find out who your true friends really are!  I had one friend follow me around for an hour wiping up my vomiting and showing true concern.  Not sure if I could be as good of friend as she was!  Thanks Montina!


7.  Frequent urination.  I have always been on time with the starting of my classes and personal training sessions, but since I have been pregnant, it never fails.   I have to go to the restroom when the session is about to start or before the session ends.  I get up from the toilet, just to sit back down and go again.  Oh, and that is not all!  How about you cough, you pee or you laugh, you pee or you sneeze you pee and don't even try and jump because you won't be able to cover the pee!  No matter how many kegels I do, I pee!

6.  Fatigue.  I am just exhausted. I get up, get ready for work and need a nap.  I teach a class, then nap time.  I am just tired all the time.  I try to listen to my body and take rest because I am probably a little more active than most woman.  I teach cycling, pump & jump, core express, Night club cardio, zumba, Mat & Reformer Pilate's, Boot camp, YHIIT, Power Pump and Running club so I MOVE.  I normally can teach and still complete my own workout to finish off lifting, stretching, cardio etc., but not now I need a nap!


5. Tender swollen breasts.  Although big boobies may be a bonus for some!  I hate every last bit of having my breasts grow.  They get in the way of my workout.  My shirts fit differently.  I gain double boobies with fat accumulating around my armpits and when I exercise it hurts.  On a serious note, nursing my daughters was a very important part of my life.  I understand that this is what needs to happen to be able to nurse my new little Ava when she arrives and I am okay with that, but I wish they would just not have to bounce all over the place when I move. 

4.  Shopping is not fun!  Yes, I went there!  I usually like to go try on clothes, look around at the store and see what new arrivals are at my favorite boutiques, but not now.  Are you kidding?  Who wants to look at clothes and mourn the loss of my figure.  I do know that I have had two girls and regained my figure and so I can do it again, but when your career and life revolves around health & fitness it is really hard to not want your body to instantly regain it's pre-pregnancy shape.  Shopping will happen about 9 months post pregnancy!

3.  You feel hot, hot, hot!  Yes, just sitting here, I feel sweat dripping down my arm.  I am not even doing anything, just typing.  It feels like it is a 100 degrees in here, but ask me in a few minutes and I will think it is okay.  Usually need a sweater at church, a jacket at work and a sweatshirt at the movies, but not now.  I am a walking sauna!  Just a sizzling hot mama all the time.

2.  Your moody.  Moody all the time!  I can cry, laugh and be angry all in a five minute period.  I read emails and texts and over analyze what people are really saying.  I think everyone is being hateful and I am overly sensitive to all the "your growing" comments.  I may be moody, but at least I am not going crazy like the people around me, not having any idea what kind of a mood they will get from me.


1.  Every conversation revolves around pregnancy.  This has to be the number one pregnancy frustration for me.  When you talk to someone, you are no longer capable of having a conversation without it revolving around pregnancy!  And some of the conversations want to make me scream.  Wow!  You can really tell you are pregnant now!  "When are you going to show?"  "How much weight have you gained?"  "Say goodbye to your body because it will never be the same!"  Now this one gets me every time!  Really?  Never be the same!  No, I have had two children and I appreciate your feedback, but since I find healthy eating and activity important for myself and my family.  I will regain my fitness, however it may be a while before I get to that point because my number once priority will be to care for my family.  Thanks for all the advice! 

Just one last thing so...."Does this belly make my butt look small?"



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Apr. 16, 2011 at 6:28 PM

good and funny post but how do you do all those things on bed rest? HUGS

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