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by Amanda Wallace on Thursday, April 14, 2011 at 6:24pm

ATTENTION ALL FB FRIENDS!!! Need desperate help! PLZ! Here is the problem. My husband is in need of help A.S.A.P! IN 2007 My husband was notified through a letter from the state of NEW YORK that his x-wife gave over custody to the grandfather without consent of the father. He flew to NEW YORK from FLORIDA where the children had resided at. Now before this had happened the mother kept the children away from the father and a few times ran off where he could not locate them!! He does have divorce papers stating that he is allowed custody of the children. Now His x-wife is a known drug and a alcoholic abuser. She has been arrest numerous amount of times. When the trial ended he was denied custody BECAUSE HE WAS NOT INVOLVED IN THE CHILDREN LIFE WHILE THEY WERE IN FLORIDA( SERIOUSLY that is What the judge said) Skip to 4yrs later the father had built a relationship with children. Flew up several times to get reacquainted with girls. When the girls were with the grandfather he was never denied to speak or visit with the girls. He even spent many nights on a web cam with the girls so they could see him and talk face to face with them. He had built a very strong bond with girls. On Oct 2010 he received a call from the grandfather that there was another trial (which he was not notified) and that the mother regained custody of the girls AGAIN! The girls had been back in Florida for over three days! He told the grandfather that was a HUGE mistake! The grandfather said but "she told me she has changed"!!! So once again the father was left out! My husband tried several times to contact the mother. After a month of leaving voice mails she finally called! He told her he will be coming down to pick up the children for visitation. My husband gave her a two wk notice! He asked where are the kids going to school. The mother stated "You do not need to know that"! Every time my husband tried to talk to the girls they would be put on speaker phone.When we were headed down to Ft Lauderdale we got a call from the DAVIE POLICE DEPT, Saying they got a call from the mother stating that she was in fear of him taking the children away. He tried to tell the police dept that he has visitation rights. They told him that his DIVORCE PAPERS are invalid and no longer good! If he were to go down there he would be arrested. As time went by there were less phone calls from the children and then no contact what so ever! He tried many times to reach the children with no success . Then on April 11th he got news again that the grandfather was going for custody again. Once again by mail not by a phone call!! He had enough he had asked davie county dcf to do a wellness check on the children. He found out today they were withdrawn from school on April 6th and that they are BACK in NEW YORK with the grandfather. Once again the mother nor the grandfather contacted the father. It is recorded that there is domestic violence in the home. Now the childrens mother has a pending toxicology report due to running her newlywed husband over with a vehicle! No joke!It has been reported that he will spend the rest of his life in a vegitated. We also have a sworn affidavit form the mothers brother. Stating they the children were neglected and the mother was back on drugs. The brother also stated she was a unfit mother. This a run down of what my husband has been going through. All he wants is his girls home with him! To know they are safe! He will be flying up in may once again to get custody of his girls. We need help!! Anyone with any suggestions or knows anyone in NEW YORK that could help us. Our funds are running low. We have documents back from 2007 to present to prove his case. NO one on the law side seem to listen. These children have to go so long without really knowing a stable and loving home that we could provide for them instead of being a tossed back and forth from state. Also since when do grandparents come before the parent? Please help my husband get FULL custody of the children. Enough is enough. This is only the beginning! We will be contacting local newspapers and news channels from Florida to Tennesse and of course New York. Maybe this time around justice will be served! Please keep us in your prayers as we had back into battle to get the girls home. Any one that knows or could help us it would be appreciated. YOu can email my husband or respond through fb. This is not a joke this is serious! Thank you for taking the time to read this. Feel Free to copy and paste to friends you may know who might be able to give legal advice or anything else. May 13th is the trial. God bless

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Apr. 16, 2011 at 7:21 PM

prayers for you and the girls

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Apr. 17, 2011 at 9:48 AM

I would think he would have to hire a lawyer in New York since that is where they reside now. I understand the funds are low but most judges will not even listen to you if you are not represented by a lawyer. I'm assuming the first trial was in NY, hopefully he will not get the same judge and i believe you can request a different one. With the interactions your husband has had with his kids now, I would think that last ruling will not stand up in court now. plus with her track record I believe his odds will be much better! Again, if at all possible he needs to contact a lawyer there, research it on line and then contact by phone.Good Luck!

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