Happy Saturday dear readers....I have had a lazy day today.  Slept in and done nothing except work on my business stuff.  I moved all my toys to my new and HUGE duffle bag...man I am going to have to get some new toys to fill it up.  Which I have my eye  on this Corset Handbag that comes filled with different toys.  I just want to use the Handbag as a purse LOL....Good grief my children have joined me while I work on my blog...so I guess I won't talk to much about sex toys unless they keep reading over my shoulder and then I will talk about weird and scary toys...ok that solved that problem for the most part.  Anyway I have to work tomorrow at my real job.  Then I have got to get things ready for next week.  I will have to stay with my mom in the hosptial so I have to pack.  The last time she was in the hospital I didn't pack and I wore the same clothes the entire week.  So this time I am packing clothes and snacks.  Last time I spent an arm and a leg in the vending machines and soda machines.  I am hoping they will only keep her overnight but it might be two days.  I am taking my laptop but last time it wouldn't let me on any FUN sites such as facebook, myspace, any of that kind of sites.  I hope it is different this time.  Other wise I will go crazy....I am sure they won't let me do any of my research for my sex toy business.  I am sure they have a filter that won't allow sex or sex toys so I will be behind.  Well I am trying to watch Delieverance...I know odd taste in a movie choice but it is one of those that I have NEVER watched but heard a lot of weird stuff...so the morbid curisouty in me has won out...so till tomorrow dear readers...check out my website at www.brownbagparty.com/rara  you can shop and order from my website or give me a call






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