Today has been so bad. Jake was so horrible I wanted to scream! Plus Josh wasn't too much of a help, but he's getting better. We went to go see the movie Rio, it was pretty good and Jake sat through about 95% of it. After that we stayed in the mall to do a little shopping. I was in a clothing store and just asked Josh to keep an eye on Jake, well he thought answering e-mails on his phone for work was way more important than watching my 3 year old boy full of energy running around and not wanting to listen. I was so frustrated I put all the clothes that I wanted to buy down and we left. 

We got home and I let Jake play out side, asked Josh if he would stay home with Jake while I went to the grocery store for an hr. I got that done and came home to still a very grumpy child! He decided to throw his food, scream his lungs out, and throw a toy at me. 

Jake is finally sleeping, and Josh has gone home. I'm sitting down with a LARGE glass of wine and watching House on TV. 

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