This after noon I was shopping and I heard someone say, "Hey kiddo". I swung around and saw a beautiful older lady talking with her granddaughter. For a sweet moment, I thought it was my grandmother. Actually I had a little hope that it was my grandmother. But my grandmother passed away 14 months ago.

My grandmother always called me and the first thing she said was Hey kiddo how are you doing? I would giggle and we would carry on with our long chats. I miss those chats more then any thing right now.

As I was standing their watching this grandmother & her granddaughter chat, I wanted to run up to this woman and say be my grandma! But I knew that would be totally weird. As I turned back around I whispered cherish these moments.

We don't cherish moments enough in every day life. I try to cherish every moment but I get swept up in the rat race of life. Some thing has always got to be done, or cleaned or signed. But today I set all of the unimportant things aside and spent the whole day in my sons' fancy land. I know the next time I turn around, my son will be grown. Lords know my sweet beautiful baby girl has grown faster then a weed. My sweet bouncing baby boy has also grown faster then paint dries. Both of my kids are growing faster then I want them too. But since I can't stop them growing, I have to make the time to cherish these sweet moments.

I wonder if grandchildren grow as fast as your own children? My daughter is 10 y/o and I can't remember where all those 10 years went too. My son is 6 y/o and the past 6 years have went by in a blink of an eye. I hope when my grandchildren are born, time slows down. We can all wish, can't we :)

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Apr. 18, 2011 at 1:16 AM


I'm sorry about your Gram...I think she may have been there that day too!

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