Back in 2000 I met a wonderful man who can into my life.  I was a single mom who recently divorced and had two young children under the age of 5.  One of them was only 2 and had multiple special needs.  I told myself that I had to get use to being alone because no man would want to be with a woman that had a child, thus one with special needs.  So after internet dating and even trying to fly have way across country to change my life hoping that Mr. Right would come along.  I stumbled across a wonderful man who was a contractor at my job.

I told myself, I would never date anyone from work, well after the horrible dates I had I finally caved in and said Ok, what's it going to hurt.  So I went.  Our first date was going to the movies and seeing Meet the Parents, who never knew that this would be the first date of many more.  After two years of dating we got married and here we are 10 years later with my two children and three of our own together.  He adopted my other two children and became a coach for baseball to work with children with special needs. 

During this time I became a stay at home mom, while he was working.  I was loving life never knowing what the future would bring.  In 2009, my husband was rushed to the hospital he couldn't move his right side of the body, the doctors thought he had a stroke.  I received a call from one of his co workers and ran to the hospital.  After testing they found out that he had 3 herniated disk and that with other health problems he has, they would put him on disability.  While he home and having to go with him to multiple doctor visits, test visits, having to write for him, even at times dress him.  I never knew my life would go this way.  When the payments stopped, I had to find a way to make ends me.  So I started my own business. 

Word of mouth really got me going, I told others my story and here I am today working full time with my business.  Even though it's hard for my husband not to be the one providing. Somewho it all works out at the end.  So during these rough economical times, keep your chin up and keep going. Life will lead you the right direction.

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Apr. 17, 2011 at 9:53 AM


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Apr. 17, 2011 at 12:41 PM

Hey Thanks for sharing You Rock momma! It just proves strength is everywhere!!

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