What I Really Want is a Cookie


So far my diet stuff is going good. Yesterday for breakfast I had a omlet, with sausage,green peppers and a little cheese. My excuse for the sausage and  cheese is I did the atkins diet before, those are 2 of the foods you can eat on that.I am not going back on that one though, I am just going to pay more attention to what I am eating.

 I did work out for 30 minutes this morning.I going to try and list the excersizes I did although I don't knoe the techy name of all of them. lol Here goes

  30 push ups

march real fast for 2 minutes

  I did 40 - starting off in the push up position and running legs. (see don't know techy name.lol)

march real fast for 2 minutes

 40 squats

march real fast for 2 minutes

100 booty clenches

march real fast for 2 minutes

100 lower ab lifts


 I am used to just dancing (belly dancing mostly) so I have trouble thinking up of the excersises that i can do. Thank goodness for the internet! Tomorrow I will try these,


 This girl on body rock tv is my favorite.I follow her on you tube and always check out her new videos so far I have only attempted to do one of her routines.They are tuff!


100 back archs laying face down on the floor.



 The hardest part about this is going to be when I get motivaited I usually do pretty good at sticking to stuff (work outs), but this time around it wasn't my idea.It was the hubby's.4 days ago.I am hoping that he will eventually do one of my work outs with me but so far it hasn't happened.He keeps coming up with excuses why he can't do - what ever.I am debating with myself, do I let him come around on his own or do I keep listening to him "talk" about how he wants to work out but he discourages himself.

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