So the last three nights i have had horriable Barxton hicks contractions, and the funny thing is before i hear off to bed i will get then like every 3 to 4 minutes for a hour maybe even an hour in a half then they just STOP! then i got to be lay down and im woke up all night long from painful strong contractions! yet no baby.. my water doesnt break, and i dont feel the period cramps i did with my first son. plus the baby is still moving around like crazy.. something is telling me that the baby is coming soon cause of all this but then the other part is saying i wont get to lucky and im just gonna have to be miserable the rest of this pregnancy! i dont know if i should be calling the OB either. i feel like if i was in labor i would know. but then im worried what if im just sitting around thinking its nothing and ive been in labor? all i know for sure is i feel like crap! and im sick of all the pain! i want to know whats going on! ugh.

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