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I feel like I have been on the go all week, oh wait I have. It was my step daughters birthday on Tuesday, then parent teacher conferences, which went awsome. I'm so proud of my boys and how they use there strengths to make others happy. Riley, cleans his classroom cause he just likes to clean, and the teacher actually asked me if all my kids were like that and that she wishes one of hers were lol, thats just luck. She also asked if they had to write that well at his old school and I told her no they used him as an example there to. It comes with there territory when your tidy.

Then there is Gavin who is always smiling his big smile with his head held high. He enjoys just making people happy and makes it his mission to help someone feel better when they are sad, and he is doing sooo good with his spelling.

I know Diamond is doing good to but hers isn't until next week.

Then there is me, this will be another big week. I go to the hermatologist tomarrow to do the testing neccesary to find out what type of Von willabrands (bleeding disorder) I have. Then on Thursday we schedule my hysterectomy. I cant wait to have a date. It will ease my mind and I can really  start to prepare for it. Oh and last but not least Steven and I are talking about getting back together. To have my best friend there will be so much better.

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