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Woke up this morning thinking I would finally be able to leave the house, but nope!  My husband said, "You were told to wait until Monday and I don't think you should go to church."

I took the advice and I stayed home.

Then I decided to change it up this morning with my breakfast, feeling a little adventurous.


Turkey Sausage D-Light Croissant minus the cheese

Yep, changed from an english muffin to croissant.  Feeling a little wild and adventurous.


Some Yummy chicken spicy ranch on lettuce leave with shredded carrots


Ham with cinnamon apple sauce


Chicken in spicy ranch on salad

Sugar free fudgebar

More snackin...

Then, my daughter decided to make a version of healthy and unhealthy cookies.  I tried the unhealthy a couple of times, then tried the healthy, then licked the spoon full of crunchy peanut butter and some cookie dough full of peanut butter.  Guess it's that time of the week, SWEETS! 

Tonight, how about a ham sandwich with fat free mayo and some carrots?

Maybe some sugar free jello!  My booty is growing, not my belly!  Normally don't have this trouble, but we don't keep this garbage in the house for this exact reason!  We all love sweets.

My oldest started a blog today...Fit Foods by Siera http://fitfoodsbysiera.blogspot.com/  You should check it out.  She is 10 and so excited about cooking all the sudden.  She went to a healthy eating seminar and now wants to good everything she can!  :)  Go Siera!


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