Why do you think we are made out of glass? Why do you think if you say something to us we will break down and cry like little girls? I think that several weak links in the chain have spoiled the bunch for the rest of us. Now I am not saying that women are not emotional, because we all are, men are too. All I'm saying is that why do you treat us like pieces of crystal glassware that has to be handled with kid gloves?


Why do men think that it's ok not to speak up and say what's on their minds? I mean, if you are not feeling someone, or have issues, why not say something? Cause you are afraid she will turn "postal" or flip out and start cursing you out, or maybe turn into some stalking ass chick? Unfortunately guys, that may be the chance you have to take, cause you know what, we chance it too when we got stuff to say. Y'all can stalk a chick and turn psycho! Trust that I have had my share of stalking and crazy in the past to last 10 lifetimes.


Don't you think a woman will flip out harder if you string her along for weeks/months and THEN diss her or stop calling? I mean, show some common courtesy and respect for other peoples' feelings. Would you want that done to you? Probably not.


The easiest way to put it... A CLOSED MOUTH DOESN'T GET FED! So if you have something to say, speak up! I mean, why string chicks along, have them wondering, "was it something I did, said, wore, didn't wear, ate, didn't eat?" Women tend to not want to rock the boat and walk on eggshells because we are afraid if we say something to piss men off, they will leave us. That's again, a chance some of us are willing to take...at least I am! I have no problem rocking or tipping the boat the hell over cause I am not one to walk on eggshells for anyone. I for one would like to know and appreciate the honesty. I try my best to be honest with people from the jump, this way, no feelings get hurt. And if I hurt them in the interim, then I will be woman enough to apologize for it.


Men/Women are not mind readers! How are we supposed to know you are feeling a certain way, or not feeling a certain way? Why do women still sleep with a guy she is not feeling and vice versa? Isn't that giving that person false hopes of more to come? Can people sleep with one another and not have feelings? In a perfect world, but in this one...the answer is: most likely not! When more people understand that, the world of dating/relationships will be a better place for it.


At the end of the day, it's about having manners and respect for other peoples' feelings. I know my momma taught me some manners and I should hope that most of you were taught the same. So use them...it's not hard. Common sense some of you don't have, I know that, but manners are easy. Yes thank you, no thanks, please, and all that. Let's start speaking up and saying what's on our minds and remember that glass can break, things can change, but can be mended and heal again. Most of us are woman enough to handle the truth. Most! Which one of you is man enough to tell it...and mean it?

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