Girl I think my arms too big

So I have no time to think about anything else.

No time to find peace and to love myself

Cause my peace of mind has scattered like puzzle pieces.

Can't find a solution for the many ways I suffer

Meanwhile I cry and my self esteem decreases

My hands callous from hard my skin getting rougher?

Or is life getting tougher. Too much for me to bare.

Still I need the bare necessities like, many pairs of underwear.

Like a thong or a g-string would feel, I find myself congested.

Sometimes my heart is bleeding, better get bloomers to feel protected.

Protected from the hurt. Protected from the sorrow.

Protected from the trials that would keep me

From seeing tomorrow.

Those thoughts and trials that torture me

Taking me away from today.

Today from which I try to escape,

Cause Calgon can't take me away!

So I take a bubble bath sometimes, just lay back and relax

Picture a fine gentleman, next to me, playing jazz with a sax.

But then I go to the mirror and the pain comes back.

The jazz musician's gone, please don't leave, come back.

I'll get you something to drink, I'll cook your favorite dinner.

I'll turn on ESPN, so you can see who was the winner.

I'll iron your clothes, You have my love and my affection.

But still he walks out of the door, so I'm left with my reflection.


Girls I think my thighs too big.

So I find it hard to walk in these heels,

When the heel of my foot starts to scream and shout.

I hide and sneak from love like navy seals.

Cause when I deliver, all they want to do is take out.

Leaving nothing for me, alone with nothing but myself.

Myself which is lost in the wilderness of excess and wealth.

But poor me, my woes weigh more than a whale,

But I can't shoot the pressure out of my head, so I'm destined to fail.

My destiny's distant or maybe dormant never to wake.

Constantly held down by vampires, where's my garlic and stake?

But then comes my knight in shining armor.

A captain promising the sea to sail.

But then me being naΓ―ve, I end up blinded by this lovers brail.

So I'm left alone again, looking at my reflection.......



Girl I think my butt gettin big.

So I find myself, wondering when success will unfold

Wait...Maybe downing myself is getting a bit too old.

Maybe I'm the problem, I need to see the beauty I possess

And if my love myself, I will find success

I need to lift up my soul, lift up my head.

Love my black hair whether weave or a dread.

Love my black skin for making me who I am.

Remember the gift of a prudent woman is a wise man.

And a wise man will take care of what I lost in the past.

And I will be happy deliver my love like a Jason Kidd pass.

But it all starts with me.

It starts in my mind.

To look at my reflection and see the beauty that is mine.

Happiness and love, God will give me so I can live.

So now that I think about it girl, my butt ain't really that big.

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