What is it about your eyes that makes me feel like the most naked person in the room; Its contrasting, violating in such a divine way and almost wrong with a twist of oh so right.  The twist and turn of your thought path leaves me feeling lost but when I look up I find I'm in familiar territory.  Like Alice in Wonderland with a little added color.  Sometimes I'm so afraid that you will find out who I am in the midst of changing who I was.  I stand there naked before you.  A creation in the making.  And because of that, you know who I am more intimately than anyone on this earth and perhaps outside of it.  Its crazy, I know, but when I'm with you, I am in a blanket of security.  Like a lost child in your arms.  I bask in the warmth of your eyes and I don't flinch from the sting of your kiss and I don't waiver from the resolution of your touch, and I am free when you release me with your persistent swagger.  Just in case you lost track, I'm still talking about you.  The one . . . the only.  You give my heart voice, and with that voice, a song to sing.  I find myself coming out of my shell.  You make me dream of the life we live in our hearts.  Together.  You make me say "yeah" and I can't stand living without the kind of hope you bring to me.  "There is a better life for you," your heart whispers to mine when we sleep intertwined.  Have I mentioned how much I love you??  I am open to you.  Let me explore you . . . help me find your peace.  I can't wait to be there with you all the time.  But this first year has been amazing.  We're not even getting started.  My love to you is this . . . my inner conversations.

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