We celebrated Saleena's birthday today...well yesterday.

She was the most bright and beautiful thing.  She looked absolutely adorable in her bright green dress sitting on top of the dining room table shovelling her birthday cupcake into her mouth.  The pictures turned out wonderful.  We snapped several with Saleena with her sisters and several family shots.

I really thought this day was going to be a bust.  But I took my husbands advised and communicated with him about how I felt and how the day was getting totally out of control... and he became my superman.  Not only did he hold me and support me when I had feelings that stirred from my childhood -  feelings of being lonely and unloved on my birthday.  I just wanted hers...esp. her first one...to be great.  To see the pictures reflecting how much she is loved and how special she is.

 He really turned the day around and I know my girls won't ever have to worry about how much their parents love them.


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