We were hanging out with friends this past weekend. Not at their house at a third party house,  Friends we haven't seen basically all winter.  On the way home my almost 7 year old boy tells me that although he doesn't mind playing with the other 7 year old boy who was there ( they now attend different schools they were very close last year and since birth) he will not sleepover there since  the last time he did the 7 year old made him do inappropriate things to him!   ( I can not elaborate it sickens me)  My son told me he told the kids mother and she grounded him from technology.  She is or was someone I considered a friend!  She never mentioned it to me.  But if I look back I have suggested they sleepover again when I got stuck once and she said he couldn't for some other reason I have forgotten.  Now what do I do?  This happen well over a year ago although my son says it was when he was 3 he mixes up his times still.   He also said he told me when it happened but I think I would have remembered!  Do I confront her!  We have alot of mutal friends and they will all agree (maybe not directly to her) that her son is odd, really a spoiled brat and is rude and mean to his mom.  his parent are split and it's not been easy.  Manyof them have voiced in a humorous way that he will be a "handful when he gets older". 

Do I say anything to her, his mother?  Do I leave it as it could have been much worst?   I have spoke to my son as well as my husband has and we told him he did nothing wrong, that he is no longer allowed to be with this kid alone.  No sleepovers, etc.  That what his friend did was very wrong.  I hugged him and told him to be sure he was aware we were not mad at  him.   I am a wreck.  I will not discuss this with any of the other friends.  However their kids could be in harm too?

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Apr. 18, 2011 at 1:54 PM

I'm sorry this happened..although, it's great that your son told you! I'm really not sure what you should do...other than what you are already doing (keeping your son away from the child). I think I'd probably be inclined to tell any other Mom's who's children are around this child...OR maybe speak to the child's Mom first and see if she is allowing "sleepovers" still.

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