it always bothered me when people have kids and didn't stay together.intact family's are rear today now i know why you are better off being a single parent you get cash food stamps medical and housing discounts on your utilities and your full ssi disability it took me until Friday April 15 to get that through my head you see my son was getting ssi disability for his autism we used to receive 637. monthly then hubby got a raise at work and it dropped to 427. no worries until Friday when i received a letter stating i would be cut again to 37.27 a person can't fill a gas tank on that but if you sit at home on your ass and collect welfare you get it all

and the people that work pay for you my husband does work and i stay at home because it doesn't pay for me to work i would have to work part time find an after school program to care for 2 children (one with autism)bus fair and that would be the pay i called the ssi office and ask a few questions the response i got to one confirmed  that your better off not working

Q you are telling me that if i sat at home collected cash and food stamps and got child support he would get his full benefit?

A well if that is the statment you want to make i can't answer that question (short answer hell yes)

thank you government you just ruined allot of things for my son i will not give up my husband and family

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Apr. 19, 2011 at 8:19 AM

let me say one more thing about this than i will shut up.what  i meant about people on public assistance are the ones that have been on it for years because thay don't wanna work i didn't mean the people that are in need of help just those who think its a free ride

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