To TRUST someone is to have faith, confidence, hope, and belief in that person.  We often hear the word TRUST tossed around like a light feather; but it is such a heavy word.  We should not use it lightly.  To TRUST is to give yourself to that person who you are TRUSTING.

Now let's say this  person shatters our TRUST, because they didn't do what was expected of them.  We feel hurt, sad, disappointed, angry, etc.  So what do we do...we turn our back on them.  You're saying...OH NO....there is no second chance for you, I TRUSTED you to do such, and such, and you failed me.  STOP....THINK!!!!  Who are we to pass that kind of judgment?

Can you imagine if God turned his back on us every time we failed to TRUST in him?  Now that would be a tragedy!!!  Some of us won't even give him a chance, we prefer to put our TRUST in fleshly beings, an continue to be disappointed.  All he wants is for you to TRUST IN HIM, he will do the rest.

Carolyn Taylor

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