He told me at 8 this morning that he wasn't going to work since it is a holiday. This throws a curve ball in the whole day. I planned things thinking I was being smart. Now the whole day gets shifted. I had a play date for my kids with a new kid so I changed it to somewhere else. The kids are pissed. HE says why? I said you are here. He doesn't understand that this is a chance for me to have adult conversation and if HE is here he does the talking. This doesn't help me. HE would keep telling the kids what to do instead of letting them play themselves. It's so frustrating. I thought that I would be nice and hang out with HIM tomorrow so I planned a sitter. Now that he cancelled today he will work tomorrow. Again just frustrating. It would be different if HE was fun, but he is just in the way. HE doesn't see that. Now he went outside to play ball with the kids (which this is about the 4th time ever) and I need to leave here in 20 min. Do you think the kids are going to be easy to leave finally getting to play with dad? Argh!!! Again he thinks he's helping and this is just trying my patience. The kids home is challenging enough but with him I deserve a metal!! HE said early...go out and go shopping and spend $ (he has never said that!), I said I thought you were working so I have plans, had I known you were going to let me do that I would have planned different!!

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Apr. 18, 2011 at 1:58 PM

Sorry!! Hope the day gets better!

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Apr. 18, 2011 at 3:37 PM

I don't do well with mine home either. I'm a planner, too. Maybe not every minute, but the stuff I do have planned, never goes off right. You're right, it just throws everything off and you don't know when you're supposed to do family stuff and what he is going to do, and seeing him sitting around or playing makes the kids want to d othe same.

Good luck with your week!

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