So last week Glo-Worm (GW), Wednesday to be exact, has a total meltdown. Uncontrollable sobbing over a kid’s meal toy…he wanted me

The Kid's toy that started the sobbing

to turn it on, but it didnt turn on and no matter how many times I told and showed him that he still refused to believe me. So I picked up his tear streaked, heaving little body & went to sit down. After a few minutes  he calmed down and we had this conversation:

GW: “Mommy, mommy it hurt.” (Tugging at his ear in the saddest little voice)

The Mommy (TM): “Your ear hurts?” (just wanted to confirm…with toddler’s you never know)

GW: “Uh-huh” (sad little voice continues)

TM: “Does it hurt inside your ear?”

GW: “Uh-huh”

TM: “Do you think we should call Dr. Ransdell?”

GW: “Uh-huh”

I called his doctor told them I thought he had an ear infection, they wanted to see him. This led to a very sad, hurting, sobbing little boy who just wanted to go to cuddle & go to sleep on my lap. I finally managed to get some clothes on both of us before he fell asleep about 10min before we had to leave. My sweet baby was whimpering in his sleep. By the time we got to the doctor, he had a temperature and sure enough an ear infection. The doctor told us germs are tougher today than they used to be so if his fever was NOT gone by Friday to call back. We went got his antibiotic, got home, got GW dosed…he was out.

Thursday he seemed on the road to recovery…not so. GW‘s fever came back, so Friday we were back at the doctor for another antibiotic. His fever finally broke Saturday afternoon. We had to cancel on an Easter Egg Hunt for Sunday. We wanted to make sure the fever was gone, plus he was still a little weak. He will sit for a few minutes regain some energy, then poop out really fast. During one of his energized moments he did help The Daddy (TD) mow the yard at the other house. GW wanted to be TD‘s big helper so we got him a mower to help out.

"I mowing!"

"I follow you daddy."

GW being TDs Big Helper

We have inundated with rain lately. The drain in our drive way keeps backing up, the river is super high and there is more in sight. This the rest of our week:

Sorry for the not-so-great quality...but you get the point

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