Well, not really a "restart" just a jumping back on the wagon... **again**

I had severely fallen off of virtual wagon when I was back home for over a month. I was truly worried about the results of this relapse. I had ZERO self control... but I was back home, amongst all my favorite eateries... oh potato rolled tacos, pollo asado fries, bean burritos, oh and the Chinese food MMMMMMMMMM

So, obviously I was not doing well when it comes to my diet by the end of my trip. I was noticing my pants seemed to be a bit snug. But, they still fit and I am happy to say these pants are size 12's! I got down to a size 12, from 14/16, not much but I have only lost 15 pounds since the start of the year. I am way behind on all my mini-goals, but, I will be very happy if I lose all the weight I want to lose by the end of the year... it would have been cool by summer, but it took me many years to pack on all this weight and maintain the unhealthy fat balance I have, so it may take a while to get it off. I am ok with that... as long as I am not fighting my fatness during the duration of my 30's.

It was nice though. While I was back home everyone I saw mentioned that I looked "great" and even asking other people who know me better "has Andrea lost weight?" That is always AWESOME to hear!! So, yeah, super stoked that its noticable... but I still have such a long way to go.

I am  beyond ready to lose this weight!! I just need to learn how to stick to my goals and eat better.

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