In difficult economic times, there are multitudes of women searching for job opportunities-then playing the waiting game....waiting for someone to call, waiting for someone, anyone, to give them a chance-waiting for unemployment benefits to run out. Unfortunately, hope usually runs out long before unemployment and other subsidies do, leaving them frustrated, with nowhere to turn.

There is a solution to joblessness-you can create your own opportunity, but not working for an employer. Working from home with flexible hours and unlimited potential may be the solution for you. If you love fashion and jewelry, are highly motivated to succeed, and demonstrate self discipline and are willing to learn, Guy and Eva might be the right opportunity for you! You are the business owner, and you are your employer-results and rewards are based on your individual efforts and achievement!

Now is the right time to join Guy and Eva as a jewelry advisor-If opportunity isn't knocking at your door, open your own window and join a great team-make things happen for you!


Learn more about Guy and Eva, the jewelry, the opportunity, and the adventure! Compare us~our compensation plan and advisor benefits are second to none~

Make 2011 YOUR year to shine!



Calling all would-be Advisors... Start off 2011 with a new found income stream. Guy & Eva offers two limited time offers:


1. $149 option comes with $800 in preselected Guy and Eva jewelry, bringing the retail value of the entire kit to over $1,000 (a list of what’s included in the $149 kit is on the sign-up page).


2. $199 kit allows you to select the $800 in jewelry yourself from the entire current line.


With both kits, add additional pieces at a 50% percent discount and all business materials are included also. What a great deal!  :)


14 reasons to join the Guy & Eva family:

•Earn a minimum of 30% commission on every sale you make and grow that to over 50% as your business builds

•Receive commissions immediately at the time of sale~get paid on the date you party!

•Choose from one of three unique career paths

•Offer your Hostesses amazing incentives at no cost to you

•Earn commissions on your very first recruit, three levels deep

•Receive your own personal corporate sponsored website with online shopping to offer your customers FREE!

•Process your customers’ credit card orders for free YES FREE!

•No restrictive territories

•Present your customers with their jewelry in attractive, protective packaging

•No required stock to carry

•Choose to have orders shipped directly to your customers, to your Hostess, or to yourself for delivery to your customers, adding that personal touch

•Easy set up and take down, with no presentations to make

•Vacation days — yes, we said vacation

•Bonuses, prizes, gifts, and so much more!

 If you would like to become a part of my Team, and get the training you need to start your new career with Guy & Eva,  I would absolutely love to help you get started! Please give me a call and I will get you going TODAY!   :)


Polly Workinger - Independent Guy and Eva Advisor




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