So I just finished m weigh in for week 2 and I am down another 3.6lbs!! not as good as week ones 6.8 but who cares!! that's over 1lbs in 2 weeks and I ain't complaining!! lol I am feeling really good about life in general right now I got all waxed yesterday and today after m weigh in I went and got my nails done...and because they have gotten so long naturally I just had him shape and paint them and they look fantastic....I am a tiny bit disappointed because I still can't see the difference in my body...I mean I know it is coming off because the scale and tape measure tell me so but I REALLY want to be able to look in the mirror and SEE how hard I have been working at this ya know... Hopefully by week 4 I will be down a solid 20lbs and will start seeing a visual the meantime I am just thrilled that the numbers are still going down!! Yay!!! lol...thanx for reading ladies and good luck to all of you that are working on your on hot little bods! I will write again next Monday after I weigh and measure

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