Gift ideas for Guys Who Have Everything...

My fiance has been house hunting for a quite a while and finally found a home worth putting an offer on. The offer was accepted, inspection has been completed, and financing should go through this week. How exciting!

Of course, I wanted to find the perfect house warming gift for him, and went straight to MyGuys (I know better than to waste my time now...)

After talking about the place for a while, MyGuys got particularly excited about the wet bar/tv room that is going to be set up down stairs. They decided that, to make the place feel more like his own, he could use some personalized items down there.

I was honestly shocked by this recommendation. Men don't typically seem to be into personalized items. They were quick to assure me that as long as the item is either age appropriate or nice and “manly”, personalized items can actually be pretty fun.

After conducting some internet based research and voting on the items we came across, three gifts emerged on top. The item listed first received the most votes, and the third the fewest...

  1. The personalized dart board. offers quite a few options for the personalized dart board, but one in particular garnered a lot of interest. The simple design and masculine font featured on this board are both appealing, and the board itself isn't aggressive or intrusive, so it is likely to look great in any Man Cave.

  2. Personalized wooden Sign.

    Gifting a personalized sign to your man is fun and thoughtful. It will provide him a sense of pride and ownership in his bar, and remind him that he has a woman who encourages him to spend time in it. Make sure that there is an appropriate space for this sign before buying it and, if he has a cave that is very clearly themed, be sure to coordinate the colors or language used on the sign.

  3. Personalized coasters.

    These were slightly less popular with MyGuys and should only be considered for a certain type of man. Most men won't care if the furniture in their caves develop rings from beer bottles and cans.

    However, there are always exceptions. Take my fiance for example. His motto is “you can't afford to buy cheap” and he takes pride in the quality and condition of the pieces that he keeps in his home. Gifting him personalized coasters for his man cave will allow him to keep his furniture in great condition without seeming too occupied by it during hockey games or poker tournaments.

Looking for personalized gift advice for your guy? Visit us at MyGuYdeas and receive free, unique gift advice catered to your budget, timeline, and man's interests.

Hello Fellow CafeMom Members!

I just wanted to write a quick message to the other moms out there. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my gift of the week. I have been up for just under a month and am still extremely excited about working online.

Any constructive criticism or specific suggestions are always appreciated and welcome. I hope that you are all having a great week!

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