My little boy is growing up.  He is getting ready to potty train on Wednesday.  I bought him big boy underwear.  LOL I showed him one and he put it on over his diaper. He likes them.  They are Car undies.  I told him if he starts using the potty, he will graduate to boxers. We are also getting him a potty shaped like a frog.

Also, he is starting school next year.  I cried when my daughter started school.  I am really going to cry when he goes.  I am worried, but I want to help him every way I can with his developement.  He has developemental problems as well as a genetic disorder, so he is going throught Early Childhood Intervention.  They recommended him going to Mother's Day Out which he loves going to. On his first day, he jumped right in.  Every week, he looks forward to going.  I think he will do great in school.

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